Who Rescued Who?

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The prelude.

Growing up, much like numerous other children, I wanted a puppy and constantly begged my family for one.  Luckily for them, my brother was severely allergic and even my hopes of getting a “hypoallergenic” dog were quickly shot down.  I quickly realized a family pet was a definite no go, no matter how much I may beg.

Fast forward to my early twenties where I had been living on my own for a while and the need for a pet became even stronger.   Unfortunately, for many years due to rental reasons, I wasn’t able to own one, but in 2015 I settled into a place which was pet-friendly.  Despite my fear of being a first-time single pet owner, I began my search.

I was looking online at Adopt a Pet when I came across Pepita’s picture.  I fell in love with her photo and upon reading that she was a three-legged dog from the streets of Mexico my desire for her grew.  I filled out an application and within a couple of days, I was set to meet Pepita at her foster home.

Where dreams meet reality.


Haute Goat.

HG BannerThis past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Haute Goat, a farm which is home to many animals including; alpacas, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Icelandic horses, chickens, and more.  Sitting on 200 acres just outside the historic town of Port Hope, Ontario, the farm provides breathtaking views and a long trail that takes you all throughout the fields.

Although it’s not exactly the “travel” I’m looking for in my life (ugh, Jamaica anybody?!) – given my busy schedule, I’ll take whatever little vacations and mini road trips I can get!

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Sightseeing through Alberta, Canada.

A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing experience traveling through Alberta, Canada. I frequented locations such as Banff (including Banff National Park), Jasper, and Lake Louise. I was also lucky enough to be able to drive down to The Lussier Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada.

Every drive through Alberta and to British Columbia was breath taking with views of mountains all around. The quote “it’s not about the destination, but the journey” could not be more applicable when driving in Alberta.

Four days and almost 1000 pictures later, there were a lot of photos to go through. Unfortunately, I failed to note the majority of the locations as well and so unless it was geotagged or obvious to look at and know, I was unable to organize the photos as much as I would’ve liked to. Also, it’s my first time with what I consider a “fancy” camera and it took some getting used to. Photography is definitely not my forte, but hopefully it improves over time and practice.

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Crispy & Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

cookies 001

Cookies are my all-time favorite snack.  I do my best to always cook my baked goods at home so that I know exactly what is going into my food and thus my body.

Cookies, while my favorite snack to eat, are also my favorite dessert to bake.  I strive to get the right balance between a crispy cookie that’s also moist and chewy, and these cookies do just that.

These cookies are best served fresh (of course) but if you store them in an airtight container, they’ll be just as good the next day with a little less moistness.  Understandably so, nothing ever beats warm, fresh cookies straight out of the oven.

The perfect cookie does exist.

Grilled Cheese & Kale

A healthy twist on a quick, simple lunch.

grilled cheese 001

I’m obsessed with grilled cheese.  I consider it a lunch time staple, and a must love for all vegetarians.  Easy and quick to make, it also pairs great with almost any side dish you’d like.  Of course, two bread pieces with butter and cheese don’t exactly scream healthy, so adding in some kale is a great way to get your nutrients and have more of a guilt free meal.

Kale, one of the more commonly known super foods, is a rich source of several vitamins and minerals packed with antioxidants and numerous cancer-fighting substances.  One cup of kale a day provides 684% of the recommended daily value for Vitamin K, 206% for Vitamin A and 134% for Vitamin C.

Like I said before, the choice of side is yours, however I like to pair mine with baked sweet potato fries – keeping that healthy twist on a classic dish.

Guilt free grilled cheese here.