Grilled Cheese & Kale

A healthy twist on a quick, simple lunch.

grilled cheese 001

I’m obsessed with grilled cheese.  I consider it a lunch time staple, and a must love for all vegetarians.  Easy and quick to make, it also pairs great with almost any side dish you’d like.  Of course, two bread pieces with butter and cheese don’t exactly scream healthy, so adding in some kale is a great way to get your nutrients and have more of a guilt free meal.

Kale, one of the more commonly known super foods, is a rich source of several vitamins and minerals packed with antioxidants and numerous cancer-fighting substances.  One cup of kale a day provides 684% of the recommended daily value for Vitamin K, 206% for Vitamin A and 134% for Vitamin C.

Like I said before, the choice of side is yours, however I like to pair mine with baked sweet potato fries – keeping that healthy twist on a classic dish.

Guilt free grilled cheese here.