Who Rescued Who?

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The prelude.

Growing up, much like numerous other children, I wanted a puppy and constantly begged my family for one.  Luckily for them, my brother was severely allergic and even my hopes of getting a “hypoallergenic” dog were quickly shot down.  I quickly realized a family pet was a definite no go, no matter how much I may beg.

Fast forward to my early twenties where I had been living on my own for a while and the need for a pet became even stronger.   Unfortunately, for many years due to rental reasons, I wasn’t able to own one, but in 2015 I settled into a place which was pet-friendly.  Despite my fear of being a first-time single pet owner, I began my search.

I was looking online at Adopt a Pet when I came across Pepita’s picture.  I fell in love with her photo and upon reading that she was a three-legged dog from the streets of Mexico my desire for her grew.  I filled out an application and within a couple of days, I was set to meet Pepita at her foster home.

Where dreams meet reality.