Haute Goat.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Haute Goat, a farm which is home to many animals including; alpacas, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Icelandic horses, chickens, and more.  Sitting on 200 acres just outside the historic town of Port Hope, Ontario, the farm provides breathtaking views and a long trail that takes you all throughout the fields.

Although it’s not exactly the “travel” I’m looking for in my life (ugh, Jamaica anybody?!) – given my busy schedule, I’ll take whatever little vacations and mini road trips I can get!

Alpacas, in all their beauty.

The main reason why I was drawn to visit the farm (about an hour and twenty minutes from my home) was to see the alpacas.  I cannot recall how I initially stumbled upon this place but as a long-time lover of alpacas, I knew it was an immediate must to go see. There is no cost to enter, only donations from those who are generous enough to do so.

They advise you take a photo of the map upon entering to help you along the way – which it did!

Upon entering you’ll notice a sign that has a map displaying the different areas of the farm as well as the trail that goes in and around it.  Along the trail, you pass through a bee farm which I’ll admit I didn’t care to get too close to.  Being from the city aka a “concrete jungle” it was really great to be in the open fields, surrounded by nature with not a building in sight.


We were lucky enough that it was a quiet day visitor wise, only spotting a handful of other people during our visit.  This could be because it was approximately 32 degrees outside, and felt like 38 with the humidity- it was a scorcher, to say the least.  I would also go out on a limb and say Sunday’s are likely just a quieter day.


When you first walk onto the farmland you’ll immediately see the alpaca and Nigerian Dwarf goats to your right, with the Icelandic horses just a little farther down to your left.  In the middle is a barn for the Nigerian dwarf goats equipped with a playground for them.  On a hot day like yesterday, they also had little swimming pools out for the animals to cool off in or rehydrate from.

Icelandic Horses.
Nigerian Dwarf Goats.


Not only was it great to see these beautiful animals in person but it also was a great chance to learn more about them as each station of animals had a sign with interesting and informative facts about the animals.



Located near the front entrance (which also happens to be the exit, too) is a stand with a wide-variety of goat milk homemade goods.  From caramel goat milk popcorn to goat milk soaps and cleansers they have a great range of products for your browsing and shopping pleasures.  The caramel goat milk popcorn was DELICIOUS and my sweet tooth was telling me to buy a bag but I ended up purchasing some soaps instead – a decision I definitely do not regret!

I can’t get over how amazing the “Love Spell” smells!

Goat’s milk soap is known for delaying signs of skin aging, has anti-inflammatory properties, contains essential nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin D, C, B1, B6, B12 & E, which help nourish in nourishing your skin.  New studies have also shown that goat’s milk is effective for treating acne due to its anti-bacterial properties by delaying the growth of microbial organisms which assist in spreading acne.  Plus, with their wide range of scents to choose from (including unscented!), you’ll be left feeling clean, fresh, and smelling great.

Prior to heading home, we grabbed a bite to eat at The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill, a quaint pub with a decorative patio.  Being a vegetarian I was quite impressed with their menu.  Not only did they offer vegetarian options but they had two (or three?) vegan options as well.  Kudos to you, The Old Newcastle House!  I settled on the black bean and quinoa burger with a side of fries which left me much more stuffed than I anticipated.  The food was delicious and my partner who ordered “The Other Woman Burger” was equally as impressed.  I couldn’t help but overhear the gentlemen at the bar raving about the food, as well.  Sunday’s are also their day for $5 caesars, and although I don’t think we had too many restaurant options to choose from that was definitely a selling point for me.

If you live in Ontario and are looking for a day of fun – whether it be with a friend, partner, or as a family outing then I highly recommend visiting Haute Goat.  The farm closes at 4PM so it gives you an opportunity to explore the neighboring historic cities.  Being stuck in my concrete jungle for most of the time, I sometimes forget just how truly beautiful Ontario can be and all that there is to see.

(Oh and, please forgive me for failing to bring my actual camera and having to deal with the iPhone quality instead).


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  1. Love the post! Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely going to check it out.



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