“Yoga Just Isn’t For Me.”

Or so you’d like to believe.

Yoga is in fact, for you.  That’s the beauty of yoga, it really is for anyone and everyone.

When the topic of yoga is brought up amongst my friends and/or colleagues, I’m often greeted with statements along the lines of “I wish I could do yoga BUT…”, generally followed by, “I’m not flexible enough for it.”  I used to be stumped with mild frustration upon hearing such statements as I see this as something made up, something untrue yet said with such a matter of fact tone as to not be questioned. As a teacher, I feel it is part of my job to help educate why yoga really is for everyone, breaking away from the misconception that you must be flexible to do yoga.

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“An Accessible You” Community Event

The past week I had the pleasure of participating in a community event called, “An Accessible You”, where I led a 30-minute accessible yoga class.  The event centered around an accessible day of fun, food, and prizes featuring various vendors acknowledging how they make their business more accessible or beneficial to those with disabilities.

The event was hosted by The Disability Channel, a production network that highlights the special abilities found within the community as well as Connect 4 Life, a charity that helps enhance the individual potential of those living with disabilities while promoting an inclusive environment to do so.  I have previously worked with The Disability Channel to create ten-minute accessible yoga classes available on YouTube to be followed along by anyone, anywhere.  I was flattered when they inquired if I would be interested in participating in the event by leading a 30-minute accessible yoga class and immediately began planning.

Not only was it an honor to have been a part of such an inspiring event, but it was also a great learning experience for me as an entrepreneur and business owner – that of which, I have zero experience in.  I was fortunate enough to have a booth where I was able to discuss my goal of making yoga accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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